Detailing guide
The Purpose of Detailing the Paint Surface
  • Provides a transparent protection resistant to fading, atmospheric pollution, acid rain, salt, oxidation and UV rays.
  • Makes a mirror-like finish.
Merits of Using SER products
  • Creates a spotless & mirror-like surface even under mercury vapor lamps, whereas very minor imperfections still can be seen if using other brand.
  • Time-saving & efficiency.
SER : 3-step detailing procedure
1.Wash and dry the vehicle.
2. One step polish (compound, polish and glaze at the same time):
  • Apply 101,102,103 or L-1 directly on the surface, depending on the severity of problems to be corrected.
3. Wax the paint.
Other brands: 5-step detailing procedure
1. Wash and dry the vehicle.
2. Compound to abrade away a portion of the top paint or clear coat layer, usually leaving the surface dull.
3. Polish to reduce swirls and minor blemishes.
4. Glaze to make the surface ready for the wax.
5. Wax the paint.
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